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Welcome to the Home of all things

Ryan S. Kinsgrove

Hello and welcome one and all to the website of the greatest fantasy author to have ever lived… Well, maybe he’s not quite that exciting, but he’s certainly ready to break out into the world of Fantasy fiction, and to make waves as he does so.

Image Credit: Ironshod at DeviantArt
Note: I don’t own this image and am using it as placeholder artwork. When I can afford to commission an official piece of artwork or have the skill to produce my own it will be replaced. This is being used to help establish my brand as a fantasy author for the Graduate MFA course 604: Finding and Reaching an Audience at SNHU.

The Kinsgrovian Press Herald

Follow along with all of Ryan’s adventures by subscribing to the Kinsgrovian Press Herald. Here you’ll be the first to know about all kinds of cool things: Freebies, Giveaways, Contests, Public Executions… wait, scratch that last one. In short, no matter what’s included, you don’t want to miss out. Sign Up Bonus Coming Soon: The Elementalist’s Apprentice: Book Zero: The Ice Princess

Image Credit: Lisa Che at DeviantArt
Originally, this image was featured on, a free image content site, but I couldn’t find it on that site so I’m uncertain if it still falls under that category. So, the note on placeholder artwork holds true here as well.

Featured Works

Mountain Mysts

Mountain Mysts is the home of my first professionally published short story, In the Dark. The story is credited to Ryan Smith as it was written and published before the Kinsgrove pseudonym was created. (Fun Trivia: the S in Ryan S. Kinsgrove stands for Smith.) I do heartily recommend this book; it not only contains one of my stories but because of all the other wonderful stories and awesome authors contained within.

Check out more about the anthology and the stories included within on my Books page.

Cold Lunch

Cold Lunch is my first self-published and short lived novel. Currently it is not in print pending a rewrite and redesign of the cover.

Cold Lunch blends the genre’s of Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction. It follows Chad Nott, the Vice President of Finance at a local news station, as he fights to raise the cost of his programming in a war against a mega media corporation trying to keep its prices low. The problem? The CEO of the mega media corporation is a two-thousand year old vampire who enjoys using scandal, scare tactics, and a literal zombie outbreak to get the results he’s after.

No Buy Now button, but you can check out the book on my Books page and on my W.I.P. page if you want to know more about it.

The Elder Scrolls V: Let’s Write

Placeholder Text because other parts of this assignment need to be done, and… if I work on this too long I’ll forget about the assignment. >.>

A Note On Placeholder Artwork

Being completely frank with all of you here, I don’t own most of the artwork which appears on this site, at present, and I don’t have explicit permission to use some of the artwork I am using. This is because most of the artwork appearing here is in no way meant to be used for commercial purposes. This artwork is what I am considering placeholder artwork, and will one day be replaced when I either have money to commission official artwork or have gained the appropriate amount of skill to produce the official artwork on my own. I have tried to stick with free image content sites, such as UnSplash, Pixabay, and others in that vein to produce the mock covers shown. While the illustrations are mostly pulled from DeviantArt.

On the current Artwork page, I will have a subsection for Placeholder Artwork (insert link here), which will include all of the placeholder artwork used with proper attributions to the content creators. This note will also be copy and pasted at the beginning of that subsection.

The use of the placeholder artwork is to help build my personal brand as an author of Fantasy literature, and is being used in conjunction for my coursework within the MFA Creative Writing graduate program through SNHU. The course this website is being built for is MFA-604 Finding & Reaching an Audience.

I intend no copyright infringement in the use of these works, and there will be no income made off of the use of placeholder images, as the site is not currently monetized. The site will not be monetized until such a time as I am able to replace the placeholder artwork with official artwork.

My Work


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